Number 198...

Yeah. This is my 198th LJ entry. Hard to believe, eh?

I've decided to pack up and move journals. I'm dead serious on this... I realized that I can't post anything deep on here anymore without someone like that person (usukthebigdik) coming along and using it against me. So I'm going to stop seriously updating my LJ. Don't worry... I'll still update, but my entries will lack the usual insight that they usually do. From now on, my LJ entires will consist of trivial things, and I may only update once or twice every two weeks. Maybe even once or twice a month. Who knows?

For those of you who are interested in acquiring the URL to my new journal, just comment in this post and leave your e-mail address or your AIM SN. Also, BE SURE TO IDENTIFY WHO YOU ARE. I will not e-mail or IM you if you do not identify who you are! ('course, some of you will get the URL regardless of whether or not you comment in this post.)

It's been a great two years, guys... Thanks for everything. It's meant a lot to me. I'll see you all later... Maybe.

- David Phan
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The return of the mystery IMer...

It's shorter. I suppose my mystery assailant doesn't have much to say after attempting to insult me once.

USukTHeBigDiK (4:32:57 PM): sup fag
USukTHeBigDiK (4:33:18 PM): ready for monday
dot VIVID (4:33:18 PM): Needing to boost your ego?
USukTHeBigDiK (4:33:40 PM): read your journal who the hell is leo u fag
dot VIVID (4:34:00 PM): Why do you want to know?
USukTHeBigDiK (4:34:09 PM): sorry he aint gonna like you only straight people go to central
dot VIVID (4:34:23 PM): And you care.. Why?
USukTHeBigDiK (4:34:34 PM): cause your fing gay
USukTHeBigDiK (4:34:43 PM): you queir
dot VIVID (4:34:56 PM): Like I've said, try to spell correctly before insulting.
USukTHeBigDiK (4:35:24 PM): lol you think your so smart
USukTHeBigDiK (4:35:34 PM): think u better than everyone
dot VIVID (4:35:44 PM): If I thought that then I would be.
USukTHeBigDiK (4:37:04 PM): u gay as hell
dot VIVID (4:37:22 PM): Oh, dear. Cat got your tongue?
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Quite an interesting IM...

Okay. I know. I'm updating in retrospect. I initially posted this entry to preserve the IM... I have no idea who's doing this or what. (Oh yeah... AIM decided to screw up near the end. That away message is mine, not his. The idea of him having a KH-related away message.. Ugh!)

USukTHeBigDiK (7:45:33 PM): hey fag
dot VIVID (7:45:46 PM): And this pertains to me.. How?
USukTHeBigDiK (7:46:00 PM): u fag u need to leave cental we want all straight guyss at our school u fag
dot VIVID (7:46:08 PM): And?
USukTHeBigDiK (7:46:22 PM): stf^ fag go away from central
dot VIVID (7:46:36 PM): At least have the decency to type correctly before insulting.
dot VIVID (7:46:43 PM): Maybe then I could take you seriously.
USukTHeBigDiK (7:46:56 PM): well see monday after u get jumped lol its gonna be funny watchin the fag get beat up
USukTHeBigDiK (7:47:07 PM): watch out monday
dot VIVID (7:47:14 PM): I'm so scared.
USukTHeBigDiK (7:47:26 PM): lol u are tiny
dot VIVID (7:47:34 PM): Is this how you boost your ego?
USukTHeBigDiK (7:47:37 PM): u bench maybe 40 pounds
USukTHeBigDiK (7:47:50 PM): well see monday who is laughin
USukTHeBigDiK (7:48:09 PM): we gonna be the chink right out of u fag
dot VIVID (7:48:16 PM): And?
dot VIVID (7:48:24 PM): Do you think I'm actually going to be scared come Monday?
USukTHeBigDiK (7:48:26 PM): see ya monday u fag
USukTHeBigDiK (7:48:41 PM): lol u better be u think u gonna beat us up or somethin lol
USukTHeBigDiK (7:48:58 PM): u think u can fight or what
USukTHeBigDiK (7:49:01 PM): ??
dot VIVID (7:49:03 PM): "Us." So now you're referring to you and the voices in your head?
USukTHeBigDiK (7:49:22 PM): lol u are a fag fine me ill beat the shit out of u then
dot VIVID (7:49:30 PM): I'm so scared.
USukTHeBigDiK (7:49:34 PM): u fuckin fag
dot VIVID (7:49:45 PM): At least have the decency to type correctly.
dot VIVID (7:49:47 PM): Geez.
dot VIVID (7:49:54 PM): I really don't have time for your little games.
USukTHeBigDiK (7:50:00 PM): lol u gonna be sorry monday

Auto response from USukTHeBigDiK (7:50:00 PM): "What is this place?"
"Is this the answer you've been looking for?"
"This is the world in its true form."
"Maybe our journey meant nothing at all."

USukTHeBigDiK (7:50:28 PM): later fag
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A simple anecdote...

I had always assumed that I knew exactly what people meant when they hated Ms. Medler. I thought I did, too. Until today. Today I learned what it really meant to hate Ms. Medler.

Recently she assigned us this biome brochure project. Alexa, Priscilla, and I pretty much worked our butts off on it. Today we got it back with a grade. The grade, you ask? 85. We got 15 points subtracted because we weren't neat enough, we didn't have enough captions, and for something that looks like "land nic."


We work our butts off for a lousy 85?! I agree with the captions part, but NOT with the un-neat part. At least ours didn't have writing all over the place! (I can't argue for or against the last 5 points... I don't know what the heck a "land nic" is.)

Jordan's group produced a beautifully colorful brochure. I'm dead serious. It was bright and colorful! And what did they get? 85.

Ashley's group forgot to include the plants found in their biome. And what do they get? 100. Mind you, the five things that you needed in your brochure were weather/climate, clothing to pack, plants, animals, and a map of the biome. That really is unfair. A 100 for forgetting to include plants. No offense to you, Ashley, or anyone else in your group, but that really is unfair. We get a lousy 85 because we're not neat or forget captions or something involving land nic but you get a 100 because you forgot plants?

On top of that Ms. Medler decided to spring onto us a 40-ish multiple choice question review 10 minutes before class ended. Why? "Well, since you guys aren't studying for your test tomorrow I'm going to make you study." She basically said enough to the point where you could assume that she wanted all of the questions answered before class let out. And even on top of that I mis-heard one of the pages and ended up doing the wrong page for 5 minutes. So, assuming that there were 40 questions altogether and she grades it on how many you did out of 40, well, I handed her a paper worth a grade of 18. (I only did 7 questions. Remember, I did the wrong page for 5 minutes!)

And as for the studying thing.. Well, yesterday I frickin' wrote down everything I needed to know for the test.

I talked with Ashley and Nicole about this and it turns out that Ms. Medler's done this before to her previous classes, but Nicole doesn't know if she ever counted them towards our grades. She better fucking not! Ashley also hypothesized that she only gave us those questions to shut us up. I hope so.

After Ms. Medler handed me back the grade we made on the brochure I just sat there in stony silence. And as I sat, I began to think. Things I do somehow or another ends up futile. Argue about Ms. Medler about our grade? Futile. I'm dead serious. She'll probably go, "Well, it's your fault you didn't spend enough time on your brochure." Fuck that.

I also got around to thinking about Leo. It's so futile, this crush is. Even if I tell him, 99.9% chance says he's straight... Why me? Why do I always have to fall for the straight guys?

All of this hellishness finally caught up to me. As I was waiting for the bus this afternoon I just broke out in anger and then broke down crying. I couldn't take it anymore. The grade we didn't deserve, the stupid 10-minute review, Leo... It just seemed so... So... Hopeless.

Leo saw me crying. The girls (Samantha, Christina, Tiffany, Kristi, and probably some others) kinda crowded around me and protected me and warded off potential bullies as I stood there crying my eyes out. After some of Leo's other friends left he came over to kinda check up on me. I appreciated that a lot.

...If only.
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Just maybe...

If I say his name and finally realize that I have a crush on him, he'll be drawn into a world he'll never known had existed.

If I say his name and finally realize that I have a crush on him, you might look at him differently.

If I say his name and finally realize that I have a crush on him, somebody might tell him.

If I say his name and finally realize that I have a crush on him, I'll have moved on.

If I say his name and finally realize that I have a crush on him, you'll know it's Leo.
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Lots of stuff to write about...

Hey, people. I haven't written in awhile.

First order of business... The L.D. Bell Band Mini-Concert!

Collapse )

The rest is pretty short, so I won't need to LJ cut it...

JOHN COCHRAN SUCKS. >> I just had to say that.

I recently had a conversation with Cody about what I put in my LJ about him reading my journal. It turns out that, well, he never visited my journal before. He JUST visited that day because Priscilla mentioned that I was mad at him in my LJ.

I don't know what I feel about any guy anymore. It's like... Argh. It's a bad emotional rollercoaster. I don't feel like I should go into detail. I might end up saying things that people will go, like, "You like WHO?!" I am NOT saying anything else until I'm 100% sure on what I feel...

And, last but not least, I've decided to switch out a couple of layouts. Here's a list of the next layouts through February 2004...

it's being invaded by the Otherworld .. kamikakushi [the thoughts 18.0]
Comments: {#} delusion(s) >> tu fui, ego eris
Note: This is a layout dedicated to Silent Hill 3.

atashi dake no hito xx kamikakushi [the thoughts 19.0]
Comments: {#} page(s) || someone just for me
Note: As if it wasn't obvious enough, this is a Chobits layout.

sleigh bells '03 ## kamikamushi [the thoughts 20.0]
Comments: {#} ornament(s) ** decorate the tree
Note: The traditional Christmas layout.

January 2004
auld lang syne '04 ** kamikakushi [the thoughts 21.0]
Comments: {#} resolution(s) ## make a resolution
Note: The traditional New Year's layout.

February 2003
success rate of (almost) 100%! << kamikakushi [the thoughts 19.0]
Comments: {#} retrieved || call the getbackers
Note: As if it wasn't obvious enough, this is a GetBackers layout.

The next Blurty layout will be...

from the murky depths_____donut 5
Comments: {#} ripple(s) ;; drip drip

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Rapid-fire posting, away!...

Man. I can't remember the last time I've posted this rapidly in succession. o___O I stole the survey from kisaka.

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Kazuo - Man of peace
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Some people are a bit stupid, really...

Today on AOL someone came into the FLCL chat room and started talking about how they were "drinking Saki." Naturally, I went to IM him to correct his error. Do I need to go on about the stupidity that it escalated into?

(NOTE: I decided to get back at his stupidity by reporting him to AOL. The IM went away, and so all I have is what I talked about with Ashli.)

Collapse )

I decided to get on AIM and further get back at him. So, I decided to warn him.

Collapse )

Yes. I'm aware that I'm sad.

I'll probably update later with the funniness of yesterday's L.D. Bell mini-concert.
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Oh, nothing much...

You know, this past week I've been learning about inductive reasoning. Inductive reasoning is reasoning from the specific to the general. And, this morning, I got to use inductive reasoning to reach a conclusion about something that was said to me.

Yes, Cody Honolka, I am fully aware that Shawn Gillespie now goes to Central. How do you think I saw him? Do you think I just flipped through the 2000 or 2001 Wilshire yearbook and saw him? No way.

As you can see, I have used inductive reasoning to arrive at this particular conclusion. This morning Cody said to me that Shawn Gillespie went to Central. Now, nobody at Central could even know I was thinking about Shawn unless they had read my journal or were informed by someone who had read my journal. I could easily rule out the gossipping part. Nearly everyone who reads my journal doesn't really go out and spread word. If they tried to, though, they might find a surprise sitting in their e-mail one day.

Anyways, I arrived at the conclusion that Cody had read my journal.

So... I'll say this... Cody, I have no idea in hell what your intent and purpose has been in acting like you have towards me for the past.. Oh.. Forever? What? Do you hate me? I'm really surprised that you haven't gossipped yet. I really wouldn't put it past you. Even after all of these years I really still can't figure you out, and I probably will never be able to.

Getting off the cynical track now, I will say this. Cody, at least try to be a tad bit more careful about what you say to me at school concerning anything in my journal or about my journal. That goes for everyone. It really isn't that smart to just yell "Hey, Shawn Gillespie goes to school here!" from across the room.

Getting even more past the cynical track, I'm grumpily going to apologize to you, Cody, should this seem a little bit too harsh.

Amazing what you can learn when you pay attention in school.
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